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Small talk : What a graduation tells about love

On 23rd September, Yonetani nanami (nickname is yonesan) announced her graduation through her blog. The reason is, she wants to focus on her studies.

Timing is hurting, as Imaizumi Yui announced her own sotsugyou the same year. While many fans feels sad from this amount of bad news (manaka hiatus, 2 graduation, aoi hiatus), from an individual standpoint it shouldn’t be that much surprising. 3 years doesn’t seem much, but in idol years, it’s actually decent; around the same amount of time as high school days. And everyone knows that during high school days, a lot of things happen : decide your future, having your first love relationship, being young and healthy to do many activities….

“i’m glad i’ve entered keyakizaka46”

in substance this is what yonesan expressed after announcing her sotsugyo. Even though this time was short she has no regrets and had the idol experience. People would interpret as “i’m graduating because i don’t like the environnment anymore. I don’t see myself in idol business in the future”. It might be, but knowing nanami, she always was smart (same level as neru) and is very commited to her studies (skipping concerts because of that). It’s very likely she chose to be an idol for only 3 years to live as an idol, and come back as a common japanese girl. Not all career (like what Zuumin aim at) needs to be built in the long run. You can live as an idol, like you live your high school days. Props to her to balance studying and idol activities, i always admired that.

But what about love, as the title says? What it means, is that even if a relationship doesn’t end up the way you wanted (aka breaking up), it doesn’t mean it was not meaningful and sincere. For a period of time, you do love your other half. And because you two moved on, it doesn’t mean this time spent together was fake. My point is that even though she chose her studies over keyakizaka, she did put all her heart into it and really tried to connect with her fans.

If parting ways hurts, it also means the time spent together was a bliss that brought a lot of happiness to her. Having that in mind, saying farewell is easier.

It also makes you think on other topics. Is Shida manaka’s love for keyakizaka (group+fans) less genuine if she’s in a relationship? What determines love for what your doing? It’s something worth thinking of.