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Announcing 7th single : Speculations ahead!

It was announced that the 7th single of Keyakizaka46 will be released 15th August 2018. Previous single has been promoted steadily, but with the noticeable absence of Techi, the center. This time not only fans are speculating if we’re going to continue the “storytelling” with Yurina, but there’s also much to take into consideration as we’re in the midst of their 2018 nationwide tour. Will Manaka come back? How will they manage to promote the single and do the tour at the same time? Will Hiragana take part in a kanji single? What japanese fans expect from this new opus?


スクリーンショット 2018-07-05 11.55.02

Let’s start with the good news. We already have a glimpse of the new uniforms. Kaze ni fukaretemo we had suits, Glass o ware we went for streetwear. Here i feel we’re going back to something more idolish, but still with keyakizaka thick, dusky trademark uniform. There goes away our hope for a summer single. Or is it? The ribbon gives a cute touch on their outfits, and overall the trench-like wear make them elegant. For the moment it’s a thumbs up. Also the patchwork/dark blue outfits of hiragana suits them well. Their uniform is lighter than kanji, as expected of duality between cool and cute that kanji/hiragana represents.

And obviously hiragana are part of the new release. Hiragana album called for independance, but it looks like management has not given up on making both groups work together. At the beginning, hiragana was introduced as a support act, but it looks like hiragana are the one who support the kanji single of their presence. It’s 21 members with fresh (kousaka nao, watanabe miho), and popular (katoh shiho, saitoh kyoko) so no reason to exclude them.

On the picture we see Kageyama. It’s a good sign, she has probably finished her exam. But we don’t see Techi, manaka and Aoi. Possibly going for private school, exam schedule might be different that Kageyama yuka’s. Techi is not on the picture but that doesn’t mean she won’t participate in this single promotion. For the moment she’s in for the Zenkoku tour 2018. I’m more worried about Manaka’s absence. If Management agreed to the “let the steam off” strategy (halt her activities so the scandal effect worn out), the timing was good to reintroduce her activities with the 7th. But still, no sign of manaka. You can also look at which member are available for handshake. If 7th single is not the time to come back, when will it be? It would be better to just make a decision.

Aoi,Manaka, kageyama and Techi missing on the bonus photo (live photo says 38 member instead of 42, kanji+hiragana), . Difficult to foresee the promotion of this single. Japanese fans are worried on what does that mean.

A good sign, is Keyakizaka promotion with a huge conbini market company, lawson. That means big firms see Keyakizaka as a source of potential income, and their popularity is high. We also had a collaboration with LINE company, the whatsapp from japan. When it comes to endorsement the stakes are high. I know those card are targeting wota, but non idol fans who cross a lawson might be curious of what idol group they are. Good visibility

I’m quite perplexed about this. Can you be absent from 7th single and do the tour nonetheless? Are we going to miss both 7th single and the summer tour? That would too much of a blow on management in my opinion. If they have announced the summer tour, that means they already have taken into consideration Techi, Aoi and manaka absence.

Wait and see…