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It’s gravure time! week 6

Some good content has popped up these days. First, it was announced a group photobook of keyakizaka called “tour 2018”. Quite confusing because it isn’t pictures of the tour, but rather stylish compilation of the girls modeling in original outfits. We have a twitter and instagram account to promote the book.

We still don’t know if Manaka will be featured in the book. If not, then it’s direct collateral damage from her bunshun article. Too bad.


Some neru offshoots of her new drama on nihon terebi. It looks like it will only feature her, in some kind of VR experience. Is it short too? Different from what i expected, with other actors etc.

Once again, Risa is featured in a book called Kadokawa; she shot it in Okinawa. Risa is gaining a lot of momemtum, being in front of all keyaki activities, as well as outside activities. She’s getting use to her modeling work. Great pictures.

some shoots of Sugai sama and Neru from the same book

Techi is back in keyakizaka activities with having a sizeable part in the new photobook. More stylish, more boyish. Very Yamaguchi Momoe, street wear, rebel. Not an unusual direction, even though i’m more fond of kiddy/feminine Yurina. However i salute staff decision to give an opportunity for every members to wear stylish clothe. Give a new dimension to them

Some random pictures i found on the internet. Koike is really cute (and acting cute) these days.