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It’s gravure time! Week 5

Upload are pretty uneven, so i haven’t respected the timeline. If you’re on mobile, you probably should wait for wi-fi before reading this photoshoot wrap-up. It will eat your data alive.

I wanted to say that Uemura Rina gravure is underated. 90% we bet on her pure, innocent image, but i believe we can do much more sophisticated photoshoot. Gothic lolita, traditionnal kimono, cosplay… why always go for the “girls next door”, “little sister” theme? I ask for creativity.

Few shots for modelpress, probably before her awards for her photobook. Very standard shots, and the infamous “looking at you” pose with her head resting on her hand. Long hair embodies japanese youth in my opinion, while shortcut makes you look more adult, mature. I’ll enjoy long hair neru while i still can.

Some Zuumiko shots from rakuten. Make up is on point, haircut suits her well, i like the dress. And ok…her red top highlight her chest. Not something we can notice with keyakizaka large uniform. Thank you girl’s award.

I think the trend today was curly hair. Kousaka Nao and Kobayashi Yui have the same, fresh style : to remind fans of summer, you show off your arms. Outfits were lovely.

Some hiragana shoots. We will probably see more in the future, as they are now separated of Kanji. Pure theme is used to oppose cool side of Kanji. No swimsuit, no expression. We need to think of them as french doll.

Some example of cool side of Kanji Keyaki.

Last but not least, some advertisement of the very popular LINE in japan. When popular company ask Kanji for endorsement, you know you’re in good track. It means you have face value. Hope to see this continue in the future.

Source : tumblr, AKB Taiwanese FanClub (Facebook)