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The Eye of the fandom : Finally, Indonesia

Today we have not one, but three indonesia fans who wants to give their take about Keyakizaka46.

First, introduce yourself : your name (or nickname), age, status (job, student, etc)

RamaMy name is Rama 27 years old working as social media executive and content writer at Japanese Advertising Agency.

Mazekey : Well Mazekey is my nickname in this idol world, i’m 17 and i’m a high school student

Trisha : Trisha. 20. Student

Do your acquaintances know that you have idols as your hobby? What do they think of it?

Rama : Yes, my acquaintances knew about my hobby. And i’ve got 3 or 4 acquaintances that has same idoling hobby.

Mazekey : They know that i listen to idols and japanese musics in general  and they just ignore it

Trisha : Yes. They think that it is normal.

How did you got to know Keyakizaka? Were you into other idols beforehand?

Rama : I knew Keyakizaka46 from my Twitter timeline and 48daily news. Yes, i already following AKB48 and the other idols group before Keyakizaka46.

Mazekey : I knew Keyakizaka46 from a post in LINE TODAY called “Top 10 JPOP music of the week” and i kinda find their music interesting so i tried listening to them and got pretty into it. I was following a very non popular idol called KAMEN RIDER GIRLS before i met Keyakizaka46

Trisha : I was following Nogizaka46 before, but after Keyakizaka46 debuted, I follow K46 more. Before I was into Nogizaka46, I was fan of AKB48 and JKT48 too.

Who is your oshimen, and why? What do you think is her main appeal? (Or are you a DD)

Rama : My Oshimen is Nagahama Neru because she’s so cute and innocent like an angel in real life hahaha

Mazekey : My oshimen is Ozeki Rika, i thing her main appeal is that from the start of the show (keyakitte kakenai) she was energetic being the only person thats not shy. She also has that Ozeki Style that somehow makes her interesting

Trisha : Hirate Yurina. Her aura and her expression.

Have you been to concerts before? Or handshake? If yes, what was your impressions?

Rama : I have watched Keyakizaka46 show at Summer Sonic 2017 in Tokyo. It was my first time watching their live performance with my own eyes!!

Mazekey : I haven’t been to any concerts even handshake

Trisha : Noooo. lol

Do you collect goods, like towel, glowstick, or cards? How much do you spend for your idol hobby in average?

Rama : I have Keyakizaka46 T-shirt, Nagahama Neru Photobook, and weekly magazine. I think around 5000 yen.

Mazekey : I rarely buy idol goods, but recently i went to japan 2 months ago and bought myself Ozeki’s photo and stuffs. It cost me about 10k yen

Trisha : I only have the Masshirona album because I am still a student and my money are given by my parents so I must spend it wisely. Maybe around 5000 Yen (the album + shipping cost)

What’s your favourite A-side? And why?

Rama : My favorite A-side is Silent Majority, because it was their debut single to show the world about their existence.

Mazekey : I personally like Futari Saison, its the first song that made me fell in love with the group. The lyrics are great, it has this cool vibes when i hear it, and it kinda takes me back you know, like a song that can bring back memories

Mhmmm. I cant pick one. But my most favourite is Silent Majority, Futari Sezon, and Garasu. I love the music and the meaningful lyrics.

Where do you get your informations? Social network, video platform, magazine, others?

Rama : I’ve got an informations about Keyakizaka46 from SNS and magazine.

Mazekey : I usually get it from my friends on LINE and probably Youtube too

Trisha : Twitter, stage48.

What do you think of the japanese fandom? Have you interacted with them in real life or just Social network?

Rama : It was so much fun and cool. Yes, i’ve interacted with them in real life when i’m in Tokyo.

Mazekey : I think they are okay. I haven’t interact with them in person but i have spoken to some japanese people through social media.

Trisha : Once with Asa (?) the one who makes line group that include keyaki fans worldwide. I think they are lucky because they can meet them easily lol 

What do you think of the foreign fandom? People being fans of a japanese group, completely different of their culture? Do you think Management should show interest going more global?

Rama : Yes, the management should show the interest about foreign fandom.

Mazekey : They’re great, some people are kind some people are not, you know balanced. I think people being a fan of japanese group is great, even if their cultures is very different. They have to either adapt and accept the japanese cultures or they could just ignore it. I think management should go wide but i don’t know if it’ll work but it’s worth the try.

Trisha : Yesss!! I think the foreign fandom is cool. Many fans are really fast on being updated with new news. Its matter of taste talking about being fans of a japanese culture.

Recently Hiragana and Kanji are doing more and more activities separately. What do you think of it?

Rama : It was good to give a new colors for their fans. So, their fans can see the difference between Hiragana and Kanji on the stage.

Mazekey : I think its good. This means we have a side to choose, to either support kanji or hiragana, or even both. Hiragana is really being pushed my the management so i think thats a good one. On the other hand, Kanji is just resting and finding themself without techi.

Trisha : It is okay. Lately I love them in both seperate ways. They have their own character

Recently hiragana 2nd gen has debuted their activities. What are your expectation for them?

Rama : I hope they can give a good performance and get the same portions on reality show like Kanji Keyakizaka.

Mazekey : I hope they can work together with their senpai.

Trisha : I dont have any high expectation. I only wish that Hiragana will go public on TV Music Performance beside AKB48Show

Recently we’ve seen Yuichanzu Wcenter for Glass o ware. What are your thoughts on changing center?

Rama : It’s okay, because we knew Techi has many activities and she’s got an injuries.

Mazekey : I think its great. I kinda feel bad for techi being the only center that keyaki has. A change of center is always

Trisha : Im okay with it since I also cant stand to see Techi being lifeless on stage at late 2017

Japanese and Foreign culture diverge on some topic, like love ban rule. What is your opinion on this?

Rama : I don’t care about the love ban rule, because we didn’t know what’s happen behind the screen.

Mazekey : Its great having the love ban rule on an idol group, cause it won’t lead to any scandals or such things that can ruin someone’s carrier

Trisha : Im okay if they fall in love. But having a boyfriend for me is dangereous because sometimes the japanese fan can be unpredictable like the flareman. If only Japanese fans accept idols having couple, I am really supporting the girls to having boyfriend if they want to lol.

Overall, What do you think makes keyakizaka different? What do you think of the current keyakizaka? Doing well or points to improve?

Rama : Keyakizaka46 has a different aura with the other 48 Groups or Nogizaka46. I believe Keyakizaka46 can surpass the other idol groups in Japan, if they can keep improving more than now.

Mazekey : Their song genre is quite different from some idol groups. Usually idol songs are more cute and just some random non meaning lyrics but Keyaki has some bold and deep lyrics with some cool image. I think they need to improve on the center changes cause rn Techi has somethings that some member doesn’t

Trisha : They have to be open with fans. I am missing Techi and Manaka so much but management only giving a little statement about them. They also should open the youtube accound to be accessible world wide. Keyakizaka46 is different because they serve the song beautifully with their rebel image.

Thank you for your time. If you have a shoutout to do, please go ahead.

Gocchi : shoutout to the whole indonesian fandom as they are the main population of the website (roughly 30%)