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Leading role in “Hibiki”! Sailing outside the idol world, how far Techi will go?

Spoiler alert. You’ve been warned.

It’s now official. On september 14th 2018, Hirate Yurina will have the lead role of live adaptation “hibiki”. It’s not the kind of safe production done by management involving idol members like “Tokuyama Daigoro wo dare ga koroshita ka ?” or “Cruel audience” and “Re:mind”. Here we’re talking about a movie with top tier actress like Kitagawa Keiko and famous producer.

Quick Summary : The literature industry is suffering from the publishing recession. While the literary magazine ‘Mokuren’ was grieving over the present state of affairs, a composition intended for their Newcomer’s Award was sent to their editing department. However, it completely ignored the application rules. It should have been torn to shreds, but the work caught the eye of a sole editor. As a result, the world began to change.

credit to :@kojirabu

What’s strike me first is the producing team acknowledgement of Yurina. Most of the time, it’s a close collaboration where everyone benefits from each other visibility. But here they talk straight about fitting the character. It really gives credit to Techi’s ability to convey hibiki character correctly. What the producer said about the risk, is that Yurina is a rookie regarding acting. Even if the producer appeal to the idol group fanbase, he knows that a mediocre acting can kill his work. But the close gap between Yurina and hibiki character was stronger. Strong enough to take the risk.

The original author accepted Yurina by only looking at Silent Majority MV. The thing is, there’s many other details that reinforce the reader that Techi is perfect for hibiki’s role.

  • The way they both express themselves. It’s intense, raw, boundless. In the manga, the protagonist send her novel manuscript to evaluate her worth through the eye of professionals. But she didn’t cared about winning the prize or event compete with other applicants. Yurina always expressed her desire to convey the song the best she could through performance, giving little consideration to her Center position, and push.
  • Their vision. Hibiki is very serious about books, a total book nerd. She has this little list of books called “pure literature”, books that are not meant to be popular sales but to exist. A perfectionist mindset, that reminds us how Yurina is dedicated to her performance : Trying to elevate the production of Zenkoku tour, she didn’t hesitated to give incentive of how she would see the concert (blood on fukyouwaon, scream in A-side MV).
  • Their social interaction. Hibiki doesn’t talk much, has few friends. Yurina never talks on SNS, and has missed handshake for quite a long time. They both cultivate discretion. But it doesn’t take off their appeal at all. Actually, it’s creating the opposite.

Hibiki confronting grown up adults, in a way that remind us of Silent majority

It doesn’t end here. Beyond personality of the two, it’s the overall message of the manga that has similarities with Keyakizaka. Adults that wants to protect their pride, lifestyle, embodying an old perception of the world. On the other hand there’s hibiki, stabbing them mercilessly with an unconvenient truth : Is it worth it to live a boring life?

They could probably kick the hell out of this brat. But in the manga, they don’t. Because it’s not against hibiki that they’re angry, but against themselves. She’s just reflecting, confronting their ugly side. What we have to understand, the reason why she does that is not because she feels good a putting down others, but more because she doesn’t see the difference between her world and “the world”. She stay true to her value, which is first and foremost, be true to herself. By confronting people to their contradiction, she’s encouraging them to be true to themselves. To not lie. She does that in her way : very frank and insensitive.

There’s the case of Sobue Rika, the literature president. Young, pretty, popular, talented, rich. And yet she yearned for Hibiki honesty, and strength. Rika needs to protect her father reputation and accept to be bullied by bitter novelists. She’s envious of Hibiki, a gloomy, four eyed, plain girl that is a book nerd. In common sense, it could be seen as illogical. But through the story we come to understand Hibiki has something Rika still struggle to earn : freedom. By staying true to her feelings and guts, she reached the ultimate form of freedom. She lives the life she decided, earnestly.

Let’s remember Silent Majority’s lyrics :

The people ahead turn to face you
and tell you to keep in line
They preach these rules,
but their eyes are dead

You have the freedom to be the way you are
Don’t be controlled by adults
If people give up like that from the start
Then why were we even born in the first place
Having dreams means at times you’ll be faced with loneliness

Rika is envious of hibiki’s genius in literature. But more than that, she’s envious that hibiki doesn’t give a damn about things Rika obviously care : Reputation, success, well being… Rika is unchained, while hibiki is free.

What is the role of a teacher? Guiding you to find your own goals, sensibility, or telling you what is wrong or right?

Coming back to Yurina. I always remember what Aki-p said ; “Yurina is the kind of girl that inspire you with great creativity” and to be honest i’m not surprised she caught eyes of producer/author. I think she can pull that off. We’ve seen in tokugawa that the script was basic, but here she needs to fit a very atypic character. It’s going to be demanding. But Yurina always see things as challenge : She wanted to enter keyakizaka to make a change in her life. Now, it’s another opportunity to make a change.

Timing couldn’t be better. Management already prepared Yuichanzu to make up for Techi’s absence, and create a transition. She can focus on this outside work without worry. She really need to trust her teammates. What i look forward to, is an aspect of her that i’ve never seen before.

Turtle sand Yurina Hype.