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it’s gravure time! week 3

There’s a lot to catch up.

First a batch of neru’s goodness. I think everyone is aware how amazing her photobook sales were. Around 180k, teasing shiraishi mai supremacy regarding idol photobook. It was thanks to a fresh vibe, neru’s natural aesthetic and high popularity. It is also important to give credit to the promotion : the photobook was promoted through a twitter account that was updated almost daily to tease neru’s fanbase. Not only it worked, but it still give extra pictures of the photobook like this batch.

It’s time i officially give credit to risa visual. She came from far since her first walkway. I think this outfit enhance her silhouette as well as serving some tempered sexyness with the uncovered back. The adult make up was on point, especially the red lipstick


Some undisclosed cut from B.L.T Magazine. Akane is awesome on any outfits existing on hearth, but a spring yukata remind adults of their high school days, and of course their first crush. I was thinking that moriya should trade from time to time her majime side to gives more sweetness into her mix, and this “a date with my gf in kimono” is exactly that. The way she look at you makes you feel she’s waiting for you to make a move.

Last but not least, the next keyaki photobook that has been announced is Sugai Yuuka’s. Very pleased that she chose France to take her photoshoot. It really make sense: Paris is the first touristic city in the world, and France always has been associated with noblesse (Aristocracy, Louis XVI) and horse riding excellence (best in the world). It works well with her ojou sama character. Like Neru twitter account, her is also updated daily. Don’t miss it.

Source : tumblr