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It’s gravure time! Week 1.5

I wasn’t supposed to post that early but the content is quite high these days. I talked about how kousaka nao (hiragana 2nd gen) had a push, here’s her second photoshoot from weekly big comic spirit :

School uniform is always a hit. And as Sashihara rino says, visual is always a good investment in idol industry (even if it isn’t everything)

Considering it’s sakamichi series, it’s safe to say members photoshoot will mostly revolves around “calm, cosy and cute”. Difference would be made in Photobook.

Zuumin is back in business, and Yuichanzu promotion is running like a trainwreck. W center in live performance, B-side, at least 4 photoshoot since February.

I don’t think it’s overkill. Keyakizaka has been running a bit too much on the cool, serious side, and yuichanzu sweetness help compensite their one-sided image.

Also, looking at glass o ware choregraphy with the two of them as center, i really suspect it was decided from the start. Is techi taking part of a project big enough to skip important live performance?? #conspiracytheory

Source : keyakizaka46id