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It’s gravure time ! Week 1

Gravure is an unavoidable step to highlight an idol or a group. It has been part of idol culture since age, when young singer needed a boost in newspaper to sell their CD. Now, more than dozens of magazine take turns to shoot the most popular girls, and it’s a feast for the eyes. You can also get some extra interview to know the girls more.

Today we have a hiragana 2nd gen on the rise, kousaka nao. She also have another shot on Sunday shonen. Is it a sign for more to come?

Her appeal? Girls next door is very popular among fans. She’s like the crush you had in high school. “Simpuru is besuto” – Uemura rina

Yuipon and berisa are regular (risa is non no model, like nanase). What a stunning photoshoot!

The new unit from Keyaki 6th single. Nice to see more of Ozeki. Also, Koike aesthetics have risen up thanks to her haircut!

Source : Tumblr

What do you think of the shoot? Don’t worry, your oshimen is probably next!