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Album Review : Hiragana Keyaki “Hashiridasu Shunkan”

“Hashiridasu shunkan”, translated as “the moment you start running”, is hiragana keyaki first album released in 20 june, 2018. This tracklist of 16 brand new songs is crucial in many [ … ]

Lessons learned from Keyakizaka 2nd Anniversary

header credit to : @selisuke 6-8th April, 3 Keyakizaka concerts were held to celebrate their second anniversary. The pressure was high, as Hirate Yurina & Shida manaka were absent, but [ … ]

Are Keyakizaka fans elitist?

Yes, i know the title is a clickbait. i’ve come across different people who use this word to describe some keyaki fans; enough to make me react and ask myself [ … ]

10 Reasons that explain Keyakizaka46 breakthrough in 2016

Rookie no more. The 48group has witnessed the birth of SKE, NMB and HKT and now was the turn for Nogizaka to get their own. But to expand in such [ … ]