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Clumsily in love : Toughts on the love ban rule (Applied to Shida manaka case)

Credit to @metiys (tumblr) for the main picture. I didn’t planned to talk much about this when the first article on bunshun was released, but the purikura (how the hell [ … ]

Keyakizaka x power x ranking (march 2018)

I’ve done a wrap up about every members situation a while ago, and after one year rich in emotions and activities, it’s probably relevant to do an update. Even though [ … ]

Thoughts on the love ban rule (恋愛禁止条例)

In her recent Radio program, Koike Minami from Keyakizaka46 mentioned a paper adressed to all members, officially banning any relationship during their idol activity. It is also known as the Renai [ … ]

Oshihen : Fans as well need to be true to themselves.

“You are fan of the 48group? Great! Who is your oshimen?” This is the probably the most common phrase you get when 2 fans meet for the first time. 推しメン [ … ]